Innovation is at the core of emerging industries. It's not just innovation at the technology level, but innovation through strategy, marketing and branding as well.

But what happens when there is an environment that inherently prevents innovation? Those industries stay stagnant.

Nothing can progress without innovation β€” and this is no different in cannabis.

California has been the center of innovation for decades. From Silicon Valley to Hollywood, California has birthed some of the most iconic brands and companies we've ever seen. These companies were built within frameworks that enabled them to thrive.

Quite the opposite has happened in cannabis. Our regulators have built a maze like system that puts extreme burdens on companies and consumers. While the California cannabis industry sees amazing growth, it's a far cry from what experts were predicting.

We believe that when a brand succeeds in California, there is no stopping the momentum and opportunities resulting from the Golden State's market cachet.

California is the multi-billion opportunity that is hindered by burdensome regulations, sky-high taxes, lack of banking, fragmented supply-chain and limited distribution that culminates in extremely high barriers to entry.

Barriers to entry reward only the incumbents and hinder innovation. Β 

Enter the HQ California Launchpad

We tore pages out of the Silicon Valley playbook, sprinkled it with some CPG magic and infused it with cannabis grit. In an industry that is littered with barriers and pitfalls, the only way to succeed is to "move fast and break things."

The Launchpad was born from the idea that the only way the cannabis industry reaches its full potential is by unlocking innovation and tearing down the barriers to entry. It's designed to take brands from idea to product on the shelves in six months.

Armed with the data, team, experience, operations, vetted supply-chain and proven frameworks β€”Β the Launchpad enables cannabis founders to build, launch, and scale in California for a fraction of the time and cost. The days of spending $1.5 million and 2 years for a proof of concept are gone.

Our framework is designed around understanding the consumer first and validating assumptions early and often. The Launchpad is a three phase, six month process that culminates in a 30-60 day in store pilot.

Phase 1: Ideate β€” We use internal and external data points to understand the market, the consumer and the product. Developing the roadmap and assumptions that will guide the launch. At this phase we are already engaging with buyers to get their feedback as we go to product development.

Phase 2: Develop β€” We spend the next four months developing the go to market strategy, KPI's, goals, designs, products, packaging, etc. Preparing your brand for a successful pilot.

Phase 3: Validate β€” The Launchpad leads to 30-60 days of in-store testing. Our goal is to test our assumptions and develop feedback loops that will inform the wider California rollout.

Our goals for HQ

Our goal is to unlock accelerated growth for start-ups and existing cannabis companies in California β€” the industry depends on it. The fragmented supply-chains, the burdensome regulations, and high taxes require companies to have innovative thinking and approaches that bring focus, open up networks, and uncover transformative opportunities in order to successful navigate the market.

The cannabis industry is just coming into the light and California has built a thriving culture and industry over the last three decades β€” but it's just the beginning. When we look at California, we see an opportunity to shape how the future of cannabis will look β€” and we want to support the founders who are taking on that challenge.

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